Sim Only Deals Means Smile Only

There are so many deals offered top the users in the market by the network providers, to increase the comfort level of users. Sim only deals are gaining popularity among mobile phone lovers these days.

Sim is an important part of mobile phone, without which a mobile phone is of no use. After buying a brand new handset, first thing that comes in our mind is for the network provider. Now users are looking for the deals that will provide cost effective Sim connection to the users. Sim only services are provided by all the networks where user is not required to buy any mobile handsets.

Users are just required to buy a Sim card which is compatible with their phone. These deals are best suited for Sim free phones as well as Pay as you go. Sim only contract deals are also offered to the users which are just like the contract deals. Here user buys a Sim card with a limited contract period. Here user is required to pay as monthly rentals. These deals are offered by all the networks including EE, Vodafone, Three and O2. You can choose any networks of your choice.

At present, EE is offering best Sim only contracts for a limited period of 1 month to 12 months. Free services and plans are also offered with these deals including free minutes and unlimited texts. You can get the Sims without contracts as well which are also gaining popularity among users. In these deals, users are free to switch to another networks if they are unsatisfied with the services. One thing they have to do is that they have to serve a 30 days notice period. These deals are famous among students and teenagers as they can switch to another network if they get advantageous schemes in another one.

You can get the Sim only deals through various online shopping portals to have the best deals on your favorite network.